[icecast] long delay

Arc Riley arc at xiph.org
Tue May 25 15:58:53 UTC 2004

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 08:53:56AM -0700, sdgesa gaeharth wrote:
> There seems to be a long delay from wen I speak into the mic on a 
> broadcast server and when I hear the speaking on the users end. Can 
> anyone explain this?  I am using the latest versions of ices and 
> icecast. Ices is on a different server that icecast and at another 
> location.

There's delay in several parts of the system.  First, ices needs to 
delay (buffer) so that it can encode the information and get it out.  
Next there's delay in getting it to the Icecast server, albiet not very 
much, then there's a small delay in the Icecast server itself, then 
there's delay getting it to the listener, and finally their local media 
player will delay playing for a prebuffer.

Most broadcasts I've done have been around 5-6 seconds delayed.  Online 
radio is designed to be stable and consistant, but not low latency.

You can improve some of these areas, BTW, but there's still going to be 
a few seconds of delay.  You just can't avoid it.

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