[icecast] synchronous home network streaming

Felix Dorner felix_do at web.de
Tue May 25 00:14:03 UTC 2004

hello people,

while thinking about the next little fiesta at my place, together with a 
friend of mine we were talking about streaming our selected music to 
different rooms within our location. actually it would be only two 
clients that would have to catch the stream. we are running one linux 
box which would serve the stream. the clients would be that same box and 
another ms windows machine. now comes my point: the whole thing would 
only make sense, if both clients would play the stream quite 
synchronously. will this be worth a try with icecast? how could the 
synchronization be optimized? is synchronous playing of a stream simply 
impossible? do we have to use the non-geeky method to just connect all 
our boxes to one amplifier? any other suggestions? i will get some 
answers tomorrow when i will give it a try with icecast, but i will be 
happy to get something out the list about this issue too,

<p>good night,
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