[icecast] Suggestion: The ability to limit the number of ICY connections

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon May 24 14:03:30 UTC 2004

At 07:12 PM 5/21/2004, you wrote:

>2.  This is a project where all the broadcasters, myself included, are
>blind.  Last time I tried it, and admittedly it was a long time ago,
>Oddcast presented some issues with regard to screen reader accessibility.
>I should really run it up the stick again to see what it's like nowadays.

I released a blind-friendly version of oddcast a long time ago, but haven't 
really had any feedback (actually zero feedback) from anyone whose actually 
tried to use it...I recoded the main UI to use common windows controls in 
the hope that it would then become more blind-accessible... your feedback 
is most welcome.. http://www.oddsock.org/tools/oddcastv2_wa2_bf/

>3.  Quite a lot of our broadcasters are very fond of the FHG encoder.  At
>least for now, we broadcast at 56kbps 22050Hz stereo, and whilst LAME has
>made some great strides at this bitrate in recent times (I use it myself
>under Linux and am quite happy with it), the FHG encoder does sound good at
>this rate and I know some would be loathed to give it up.  At least as far
>as I'm aware, there's no way for Oddcast to make use of Windows codecs, so
>it'd presumably be LAME or nothing.

this is true, and honestly I have no plans to start using the windows ACM 
to support FHG.

>Anyway, all of this aside, Icecast does offer backward compatibility with
>the shoutcast technology and I would think this feature would help those in
>a position of having to stick with an ICY source.

it's unfortunate that we do not support the source client protocol that 
Shoutcast uses, and we certainly could do so, although code-wise it would 
be a huge hack on a fairly well designed system.  Due to it's 
unconventional protocol, we would have to write a whole mess of special 
handling for this case, not using a lot of our common code, and have 
constant "If (shoutcast_source_client)" type switches in the code.  This is 
clearly not desirable or even really acceptable for us.  So this is truly 
why the shoutcast DSP is not supported in icecast2.


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