[icecast] Suggestion: The ability to limit the number of ICY connections

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Fri May 21 16:57:09 UTC 2004

Hi all:

I'm looking at some of the features in SVN Icecast, particularly the
ability to reclaim fallbacks.  This feature would be very useful for a
project I work with, and could see us switching to icecast from Shoutcast
compatible technology.

One problem arises, however.  Some of our broadcasters use the legacy
Shoutcast DSP plugin, which can only perform ICY-style connects.  My
problem arises from the fact that icecast will automatically create a new
mount point for every concurrent ICY connection received.

This has two side effects.  Firstly, it means that an ICY source is always
allowed to conect, unlike those using the icecast 2 standard who obviously
can't if a given mountpoint is already in use.  Secondly, and more
importantly for me, it means that I cannot be certain that the current
broadcaster is on /ICY_0 or whatever the mount is called.  This makes it
very difficult to program fallbacks and aliases so that listeners hear the
right person.

My solution to this would be limiting the number of ICY connections that
would be accepted.  If I could limit it to 1, for example, I could be sure
that any ICY broadcaster would always appear on ICY_0 and could configure
the server accordingly.

This of course would be configurable and would be off by default.



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