[icecast] Parse error in ices.pm

Alex Schenider schalx at gmx.de
Tue May 18 15:04:05 UTC 2004

We have installed IceCast2 and Ices0.3 and it works very well - with builtin

When I write my own playlist handler - similar to the preconfigured
ices.pm.dist - I get a perl_parse() error while starting ices. So ices

--- Code: ---
# At least ices_get_next must be defined. And, like all perl modules, it
# must return 1 at the end.

# Function called to get the next filename to stream. 
# Should return a string.

ub ices_get_next {
        print "Perl subsystem quering for new track:\n";
        return "/home/orange21/html/files/1084550309.mp3";

return 1;

Does this script contain any errors? 
Could it be a missconfiguration of the server?

Thanks for any help.


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