[icecast] on demand server

Marcos B marcosnospam at free.fr
Tue May 11 14:21:07 UTC 2004


I am trying to set up a stream server for audio archives.
I've just tried Icecast2 / Ices, and it is really good stuff,
but I cannot yet get what I want : streaming on demand.

I would like the user to just "click and stream" on the web page (and
not listen to a stream that is already running).

I don't know if it is possible with Icecast/Ices.

Any suggestions would be wellcome !

I realize that I may be asking for something that is trivial, but I
didn't find the solution.
Please consider this as a _newbie_ question !

The reason why I am not just putting some .m3u links on the webpage and
let my apache server do the job is that I don't want users to download
the file. The second reason is that I will put big audio files (ie
30minutes) and I'm afraid apache will soon be overburdened. I'm not sure
Apache has been made for this (even if it can serve big files, I know).
Icecast would be more appropriate since it has been made in purpose of
streaming audio (right?).

Maybe I'm wrong, but I still want to know if I can do on demand
streaming with Icacast, and how. 
Maybe Ices is not the right source client for this job. If not, what
should be the right choice ?

Thanks for your answers (I hope there will be one).


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