[icecast] Helix into Icecast2 loopback

EvilOverlord eviloverlord at kucs.net
Mon Mar 22 19:17:58 UTC 2004

samurai.fm wrote:
> Well more specifically I want to transcode a realaudio stream into mp3 on
> the same machine and on the command line only - reliably!
> Following up, I managed to compile the trplayer using a substitute
> __pure_virtual function compiled with extern "C" (without it the function
> name was being mangled by g++) by now trplayer runs and exits without
> warning, error or success... the funny thing is if I try running the
> precompiled trplayer with the LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/libmemc++.so (which
> I compiled with the missing __builtin_vec_new etc functions) prefix it seems
> to work ok. The problem with that is I cannot pass this into vsound.
> $ vsound LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/libmemc++.so trplayer
> rtsp://my.stream.net:554/broadcat/live.rm 
> Doesn't work because the extra preload argument isn't passed into vsound
> correctly. ARG! I guess my only option left is to recompile vsound with the
> preload bit included...
> Otherwise I give up. And onto the next problem of mp3 streaming into
> flash...
> Hash

If I had to do this I'd stick two sound cards in the box, run the 
commandline realplayer on one card, plug a passthrough from line-out to 
line-in on the other card and use liveice to generate the mp3 stream.

I would say you can do it with a Full Duplex sound card but you'll no 
doubt get one program moaning about the device being in use if you try that.

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