[icecast] Helix into Icecast2 loopback

EvilOverlord eviloverlord at kucs.net
Mon Mar 22 15:22:17 UTC 2004

samurai.fm wrote:

> Hello. 
> I've made some progress on the issue. I found a tool called TrPlayer which
> is a text mode front end for real player - initially developed for the use
> of the visually impaired. The theory is that I can use this and pipe the
> live stream into vsound which then in turn is passed into ices or another
> source client. Trouble is, I'm having all sorts of trouble compiling
> Trplayer on the latest RedHat... something about __pure_virtual being an
> undefined symbol...??
> Regarding Helix, I am using a Real server not the Helix Community open
> source version. The real version is incredibly easy to install and
> administrate and you can pick up a free working version with a stream cap at
> 1mbps from the realnetworks website. I haven't got around to compiling the
> open source version but from what I've heard it is efficient and worth
> looking into.
> Hash 

So what you're effectively wanting to do is transcode a realmedia stream 
into ogg?

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