[icecast] Helix into Icecast2 loopback

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Mon Mar 22 04:39:57 UTC 2004


I've made some progress on the issue. I found a tool called TrPlayer which
is a text mode front end for real player - initially developed for the use
of the visually impaired. The theory is that I can use this and pipe the
live stream into vsound which then in turn is passed into ices or another
source client. Trouble is, I'm having all sorts of trouble compiling
Trplayer on the latest RedHat... something about __pure_virtual being an
undefined symbol...??

Regarding Helix, I am using a Real server not the Helix Community open
source version. The real version is incredibly easy to install and
administrate and you can pick up a free working version with a stream cap at
1mbps from the realnetworks website. I haven't got around to compiling the
open source version but from what I've heard it is efficient and worth
looking into.


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Hi Hash,

orry I can't help you with the issue because I haven't been running 
a Helix server up to now. The only thing I could imagine working is 
when you have a tool that could grab a realaudio-stream from the 
Helix server and unpack it to plain PCM wav data. This you can feed 
into ices, afaik, and let it re-encode to mp3. If you don't yet have 
such a tool it might be a bit of "homework" to do using the existing 
realaudio-libs shipped with Helix.

How difficult is building Helix, how easy is it to administrate etc. 
I've read a few things about it on the Helix website - but I've not 
yet found the time to occupy myself with it. Looks like much work - 
is it not? What logfiles, frontends etc. does the Helix Server 
provide? And from which point on do you need a real RealServer (where 
Helix Server does no longer suffice)?


On 21 Mar 2004 at 18:04, samurai.fm wrote:

> I am a little new to Linux so I would appreciate some assistance with this
> issue.
> I have been running a Helix server streaming RealAudio encoded content
> and on-demand for a while. For the live stream, I use the Real equivalent
> Ices which on the Helix platform is called SLTA. All the content on the
> server is encoded as RealAudio.  
> I have also successfully setup an Icecast2 server with Ices0.3 streaming
> some test mp3s on a loop.
> Now, what I would like to do is to take the live real audio feed from the
> helix server and loop it back into an icecast mountpoint while being
> rencoded to mp3 on the fly. 
> Is there some utility that I can do this with? The server has no desktop
> environment so I can't feed an icecast source client with a realplayer
> input.
> It's a bit of a tricky one but any help would be appreciated.

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