[icecast] Does icecast call home

Jason L webby at seneca-rez.net
Sat Mar 20 00:58:36 UTC 2004

I answered my own question, It isn't icecast calling home, it's someone hammering my server it just happend to start at the same time I put my scanner on the icecast directory.   

Someone or something from the IP  tan7.ncr.com   has been hammering my server every 12 seconds.  Anyone else have this IP in there access logs?

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<p>  Does icecast call home, the reason I ask is if you look at the following image.   http://redhat.seneca-rez.net/router.jpg

  You will see the blue line which is the upload rate from my router. when I run icecast it does this every 3-5 seconds. I thought maybe it was icecast updating the YP but I totally removed that section from my config file and even restarted the computer.  I thought it may be simplecast but I shut it down and it still goes on. it only stops if I stop the icecast server. Can someone tell me why?

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