[icecast] Any suggestions on what is happening?

Ramon Hernandez rihernanbu at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 15 16:53:34 UTC 2004

Darkice and Icecast2 are running, I have a cd in the box next to my server 
trasmitting to the soundcard line in... I connect to my IP :8000/mountpoint 
and get nothing, I see nothing wrong in my logs....shouldn't I be getting 
something? I have my soundcard settings at

Line : Locked and Record selected.

Here are my latest logs

[2004-03-15  11:45:10] INFO main/main icecast server started
[2004-03-15  11:45:13] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source logging 
in at mountpoint "/wbuq.ogg"
[2004-03-15  11:45:13] DBUG source/source_main Source creation complete
[2004-03-15  11:45:23] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected
[2004-03-15  11:45:23] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Source found for 
[2004-03-15  11:45:25] DBUG source/source_main Client added

<p>and - - [15/Mar/2004:11:44:57 -0500] "GET /wbuq.ogg HTTP/1.1" 
200 19123 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.6) 
Gecko/20040124" 50 - - [15/Mar/2004:11:44:57 -0500] "SOURCE /wbuq.ogg HTTP/1.0" 
200 40084 "-" "DarkIce/0.14 (http://darkice.sourceforge.net/)" 105

<p>Any suggestions as to where I can look to see whats going wrong? If I try to 
connect from the local box it will d/l to a temp folder and then when I stop 
the download, XMMS will attemp to play something from a buffer, no sound 

just incase its

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