[icecast] Solution for automatic radio?

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sun Mar 14 15:05:35 UTC 2004


I've read various times that people here are running bigger and 
smaller radio-stations. However, most people with "a bit larger" 
stations seem to also have hardware-equipment for radio-broadcasting 
(studio, mix-panel, separate computer(s) for automatic playlist-
playback etc.) and then send the audio to a dedicated streaming-

But is it possible as a software-only-radio? Is there good 
(preferably) free and extensible software for automatic playlist-
generation? It would be nice if it could support a "what's being 
played"-display (e.g. to put up on a webpage), and possibly also 
support voting-based play-listgeneration (like a "chartlist", where 
people can vote for or against a song), automatic fades between 
tracks and maybe jingle-integration. Oh, the software must be runable 
on Linux, without the need for a graphical interface (console, web, 
...) and without soundcard (direct stream to server or wave-output 
via pipe for encoding).

<p>Thank you *very* much
  Stefan Neufeind
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