[icecast] announcement

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Mar 11 23:19:28 UTC 2004

After far too long under development and testing, this is to announce
the release Ices 2.0.0.

What is it?

Ices is a source client for Icecast v2 streaming server. It takes audio
from a stated input and (re)encodes the audio for streaming to icecast
for listeners to pick up.

<p>What's in this release?

* stream Ogg Vorbis to one or more Icecast servers
* allow for resampling, dowmixing and re-encoding to the required
  bitrate or quality on a per stream basis.
* Use one of the following input modules for providing the audio streams

  Live input
  . OSS - commonly used audio system for a various unix-like systems
  . ALSA - new audio system for Linux based systems.
  . Sun - Audio driver used on Sun Solaris and OpenBSD
  Additional modules
  . stdinpcm - Raw PCM fed via stdin for encoding
  . playlist - Read a playlist of Ogg Vorbis files. The playlist can
               be a static file or created from another program.

* most input modules have the ability to insert metadata (eg artist
  and title) into the stream.
* Documentation is provided in distributed package and on the icecast
  web site located at http://www.icecast.org/files/ices_docs/

<p>Where can I get it from?


<p>We would like to thank everyone who contributed to development and
testing of ices.

<p>Icecast development team


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