[icecast] try again

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Fri Mar 5 02:37:23 UTC 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 13:26, Jason L wrote:
> I didn't really get help last time I emailed this so i'll try again.

You did. You were given a clear answer by at least one person.

> when using shoutcast it makes a listen.pls  file so if someone clicks the
> link http://live.domain.com/listen.pls  winamp will automaticlly open and
> play the stream.
> right now for anyone to listen to my icecast server I tell them to open
> winamp and enter in http://rcscanner.dyndns.org:8000

Icecast will auto-generate a playlist file if you request a URL of 
"/mountpoint.m3u". So, for example, if your mountpoint is "/stream", you can 
request http://blah.blah/stream.m3u", and this will do what you asked for.

> What I would like is to have a link I can give them in a email they can 
> just click on that would work like the shoutcast listen.pls. because right
> now clicking  http://rcscanner.dyndns.org:8000  will just open a broswer
> window and do nothing else because it doesn't know what the server is and
> what program to play the stream with.
> I run the icecast server in windows and according to the DOCs you can't run
> the webserver in windows so putting a listen.pls on the icecast webserver
> won't work.

Where do the docs say this? There is no problem that I know of with the 
fileserving functionality in the windows version.


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