[icecast] The weirdest yp directory listing problem

James Sheldon jsheldon at cs.uml.edu
Thu Mar 4 15:14:57 UTC 2004

Hey all, I'm new to this list!

I have a very strange problem that just started yesterday when I purchased
some extra bandwidth from mediacast1.com.  I was running my own icecast
server for over a month, and I never had any problems.  However, when I
signed up with mediacast1, my yp directory listings are now translating
all '.' characters into '-' characters!  This means that my url,
http://www.bemetal.com, shows up as http://www-bemetal-com.  I emailed
tech support at mediacast1, and they swear that it's not a problem on
their end.  It doesn't make any sense!  And it looks like anything that I
put between the <metadata> tags in my ices config file has the same
problem.  I changed my <name> tag to www.beMETAL.com, and sure enough, it
shows up as www-beMETAL-com in the yp directories.

Also, if all of this isn't weird enough, my
http://server:port/admin/stats.xsl information does not have this problem,
it reflects the settings in my ices config file, www.bemetal.com shows up
as www.bemetal.com.  How could this be right while the yp listings are

Oh yeah, and I even tried upgrading my ices to Beta4, still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Sheldon
jsheldon at cs.uml.edu
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