[icecast] Webalizer + IceCast2 logfile?

HidayahOnline.org Admin admin at hidayahonline.org
Thu Mar 4 00:30:57 UTC 2004

Michael Smith wrote:

>On Thursday 04 March 2004 07:28, HidayahOnline.org Admin wrote:
>>Is it possible?
>>Basically, I want to process the IceCast2 logfile in the same way as I
>>process my Apache server logs?  I tried a dry run, and it reported an
>>error with regards to the "date" field - I am currently replacing the
>>date field text "Eastern Standard Time" with the text "-400", to see if
>>that would fix it (that how it is in my Apache logfile).  I will then
>>reprocess the logfile with Webalizer, and see if I get the same kind of
>Hmm... It shouldn't be doing that wrong. Probably a minor bug in how we're 
>formatting the log entries. Please file a report in bugzilla.
Done...and done!

>> From a different side, is it possible to have IceCast2 output an
>>apache-compatible logfile - say, common log format (clf)?  Or is there
>>something I'm overlooking?
>The log format is meant to be roughly CLF-compatible (it adds an extra field 
>on the end, but all the log parsers I've used ignore extra fields, so that's 
>fine). i.e. webalizer _should_ just work out-of-the-box on icecast2 log 
>files. If it doesn't, that's a bug.
Well, I've submitted the bug, though it's my first time doing so.  
Please have mercy on me if I screwed it up!

By the way, my platform is WinXP - but the best option available via 
Bugzilla was Win2000, so I picked that.

And also, replacing the text "Eastern Standard Time" with "-400" DID 
solve the problem.

IceCast2, though, is simply amazing.  Props all around.  :)
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