[Icecast] Re: webmaster help needed - call for volunteers

Paul Bryson paul
Sat Jun 26 10:55:19 UTC 2004

"Jack Moffitt" wrote...
> * The sites are using a mishmash of infrastructures, though the basic
>   setup is hand rolled HTML with server side includes and CGIs.

I just wanted to comment on this.  The biggest complaint that I hear for
websites is a lack of consistency in design.  When a user clicks a link and the
entire design/layout of the page changes, browsing becomes difficult.  At each
page the user is forced to reorient themselves to where everything is and where
they are trying to get to.  Even worse, when the terms used to describe parts of
the site are changed, you have not idea if the links are to different pages or
where you have already been.

Xiph.org suffers from this in the worst way.  Just look at the links at the
bottom of http://xiph.org
about | press | donate

Why do the pages for all of those look so different?

Whoever does start working on the website, please, please, please push for some
continuity in the site layout.


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