[Icecast] icecast and smp

Clement Cavadore clement
Wed Jun 16 18:57:23 PDT 2004

Le jeu 17/06/2004 ? 03:41, Michael Smith a ?crit :
> If you are able to get enough bandwidth for this (6000 listeners requires an
> enormous amount) to a single server, then icecast should scale relatively
> well. I've not tested it to above 3000 users, but that was on a 400 MHz
> single processor machine.

About testing, is there any tool which can simulate a large amount of
clients on a server (for example, 600 clients, using 128Kbits/s each) on
a local area network ? A sort of stress-test, which would make the
server act exactly the same as if it was in real conditions...

I tried running many ogg123 / mpg123 in null output, but it overloads
the client machine too fastly...

Cl?ment Cavadore
Webradio Francophone

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