[icecast] ices2 and Icecast2 on debian configuration question

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Wed Jun 2 10:01:54 PDT 2004


I've not looked at your configs, but I'm guessing they're OK if you
actually got the file you meant to get.

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, David Marceau wrote:

> 1)What do I have to change in my ices2 and icecast2 configs in order for
> it to stream instead of doing a complete file transfer?

Nothing, what you do have to change is how you call it.  If you type the
URL into Winamp et al, it should play as you expect.  For it to operate
correctly in a web browser, you need to call a playlist file containing the
stream URL, so that this URL will be opened by your preferred player and
not by your browser.  You can either create this manually or use icecast to
do it for you.  If you wanted to listen to example.ogg, you could type
http://server:port/example.ogg.m3u into your browser, and as long as you've
got a Vorbis -capable player set to open M3U files, you'll be right.

> 2)What is the execution order for ices2 and icecast2.  Should I start
> ices2 first and then icecast2 or do icecast2 first and then ices2
> second?  I am guessing it should be icecast2 first but the documentation
> does not seem to tell me that.

You should start icecast before ices, as ices needs something to connect
to.  But you need them both before you can listen to anything.  To use a
terrestrial radio setup as an analogy, ices is your radio station and
icecast is the transmitter.  If either of these parts is not powered up,
listeners won't hear anything.

> 3)Since I am running both ices2 and icecast2 on the same machine, do I
> still need a user password for ices2 and icecast2 to communicate to each
> other?

Yes.  Neither of them care which host the other is on.

> 4)Considering my 800KBit/s upload bandwidth, what would be the
> recommended maximum number of listeners that I could stream? I am
> guessing that 800Kbit/64= 12...roughly twelve 64Kbit streams.  Is this
> the correct method or is there more that I should consider here?  I am
> guessing there is but it's best to ask right?

Allow a bit for TCP/IP overhead, but that's the general idea.  11 is
probably a safe figure.


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