[Icecast] Live Streaming Quoestion

EvilOverlord eviloverlord
Sat Jul 31 02:44:47 PDT 2004

Nick Hudson wrote:

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> I was wondering how I would go about doing a live stream broadcast and
> then go directly into playing music using ices??  I have tried using
> xmms and setting the config file to look at /dev/dsp but I do not get
> anything out of xmms through the stream I can only get my voice.  Is
> there a way to do both without killing the stream?
> Nick

Well there are a few of ways.  Set ices to do capture from the DSP,
which you seem to have tried.

Second is by having a "live" stream which you do capture from the
line-in/mic on the soundcard and set icecast with a fallback mountpoint
so that when the "live" stream exits the users are transferred to the
"non-live" output.

Third is by having 2 soundcards in the machine, a second card is fairly
cheap.  This way you can have the output of one card connected to the
line-in of the other.  Setup a source client to listen to the input on
the line-in and do your live output with the second card.  Also setup
your "static" content on another mountpoint.  When you want to go to the
static content, simply open the "static" mount in a player of your choice.


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