[Icecast] Java Examples

Brendan Cully brendan
Thu Jul 29 17:37:09 PDT 2004

It's just HTTP (the method is called 'SOURCE' instead of 'GET' or
'POST'). There are some additional headers you could send ('ice-name',
'ice-public', 'ice-url', 'ice-genre', 'ice-description', and
'ice-audio-info'), but they're mostly for directory support.

Make sure you set the Content-Type header to 'application/ogg' (or
'audio/mpeg') though.

On Thursday, 29 July 2004 at 17:19, Mike Dickson wrote:
> Where should I look for an example of how to connect to Icecast from Java?
> (I have a MySQL/Tomcat application with MP3's in the DB and need to stream
> them using Java and Icecast.)
> Thanks,
> Mike D.

You're welcome,

Ad Rock.

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