[Icecast] only one song plays

Michael Smith msmith
Mon Jul 26 21:34:08 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 27 July 2004 14:28, Nick Hudson wrote:
> When I set up my icecast server along with ices I can only get one ogg
> file to play over the stream.  If I connect to the stream one song will
> play fine with no problems, but when it goes to play the second song it
> never plays I physically have to reconnect to the server to listen to
> the next song.  My status page tells me that there is a song loaded and
> playing but the only way to hear it is to reconnect to the server. Does
> anyone know how to solve this problem??  I have tried searching the
> archives but when I search I get nothing but perl code.

Sorry about the search being broken - problems with the switchover to new
mailing list software. The current archives (not searchable, though) are at

Anyway, as to your problem: it sounds like icecast and ices are working fine,
but there's some sort of problem with the software you're using to listen to
it. Try using a different player.


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