[Icecast] Winamp Issues

EvilOverlord eviloverlord
Thu Jul 22 16:57:02 PDT 2004

Christopher wrote:

> I'm currently working on a streaming radio server that will be streaming
> randomized archive shows 90% of the time and then live shows 10% of the
> time.  The solution I came up with was to have /main the archive
> mountpoint and have a /live for the live shows.  What we want to do is
> use the functionality of icecast's moveusers.xsl to move them to the
> live at the specified time and have /live's fallback to be /main to
> minimize dead air.  We've overcome the the issue with having users come
> on to /main after the initial moveuser by just having a script to move
> everyone over on a set interval during the live shows.  My problem is
> that for some reason winamp and a few others don't respond properly to
> this move.  MPlayer, xmms, and iTunes seem to handle it fine but winamp
> will try to connect and eventually just stop playing.  Is this a known
> issue and is there a known work around, and also does anyone have a
> better idea move the users to a live stream and still maintain a way to
> keep down dead air?

One radio station setup I did only did live shows a few hours a day and
the rest of the time they wanted archive stuff playing.

I went through some of what you've described when I realised it would
just be much easier to have a python script running playing the archive
content outputting to the radio desk, whenever the live shows finished
they just faded up the channel with the archive output on.

This ment no changing about with the mountpoint and all the fiddling etc.

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