[Icecast] Limiting stream bandwidth

Brendan Cully brendan
Thu Jul 22 06:41:59 PDT 2004

On Thursday, 22 July 2004 at 10:52, london_1 at charter.net wrote:
> I am trying to limit the bandwidth per stream so that I can stream 2
> mp3 connections from my box.  I have 256 upload speed.  I am using
> icecast 0.3 and ices 2.  I made the changed listed below, restarted

I'm assuming these two are flipped around.

> everything but it still seems to be streaming at max bandwith.  Is
> there anything, besides moving to ogg vorbis -- it will happen when
> I have time to write the script to convert the 1000s of files in my
> playlist - but with a pregnant wife and four kids - time is not
> something I have a lot of :) -- that I can do?
> I made the following changes:
> ices-playlist.xml:
>             <encode>
>                 <nominal-bitrate>98304</nominal-bitrate>
>                 <maximum-bitrate>131072</maximum-bitrate>
>                 <managed>1</managed>
>                 <samplerate>44100</samplerate>
>                 <channels>2</channels>
>             </encode>
> ices.conf:
>     <Bitrate>96</Bitrate>
>     <Reencode>0</Reencode>

Change that to 1. Ices must have been built with LAME support for this
to work.

>     <Samplerate>44100</Samplerate>
>     <Channels>2</Channels>

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