[Icecast] ices2 routinely abandons one of its streams

Frederic Briere fbriere
Thu Jul 15 01:47:19 PDT 2004

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On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 12:50:20PM +0100, Karl Heyes wrote:
> This is probably a case where error recovery on a network problem is not
> handled good enough at the moment.  If you want something to try out

Yeah, I figure most people run icecast over a LAN, so it's not a problem
for them.

> They are both in svn now, and various bits are being merged into trunk.
> libshout is API compatible to trunk but ices requires some small changes
> to your existing xml, the examples in conf should show the differences
> easy enough.

Thanks!  It took a bit of trial and error, but I've managed to get it
running.  Now I have to wait and see it the problem manifests itself
again.  [knocks on wood]

In the meantime, I've found something weird: Mplayer now crashes on the
HQ feed [*].  It used to work fine, and it still works fine on the LQ
feed; also, dumping the HQ feed with Mplayer and playing it with ogg123
also works correctly.

I'm attaching my new config file, just so you can confirm I didn't do
anything stupid with it.  If not, I fear I'll have no choice but to don
my asbestos suit and file a bug report with the Mplayer team.  [sigh]

[*] <http://ice.imars.net:8000/cigr.ogg>

Frederic Briere    <*>    fbriere at fbriere.net

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