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Andrey Semyonov wilfre
Fri Jul 9 22:49:43 PDT 2004

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Friday, July 9, 2004, 11:26:28 PM, Enrico wrote:

EM> darkice is capable of creating different streams (mp3 and ogg) in different
EM> qualities from one source (soundcard). The problem is, it seems to be pretty
EM> cpu intens. We are running a P4 2GHz live encoding 3 streams: 128, 56 and 32
EM> kbps with quality 0.8 and needs up to 60% of CPU load.
EM> Before darkice and icecast2 we used liveice and icecast1 which produced a
EM> 128 and 48 kbps mp3 stream using 60% CPU on a Duron 600 or so. Quite
EM> strange.

for example I run 6 VBR MP3s at average 128 kbps and 1 VBR ogg at
average 78 kbps and quality of 1.5 on a P4 2.4GHz. It runs at a load
of 75%

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