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Brendan Cully brendan
Fri Jul 9 09:34:55 PDT 2004

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On Friday, 09 July 2004 at 11:56, Matt Farmer wrote:
> I read somewhere that IceCast can run on as little as a 486 with
> 32mb of ram but that sounded like those specs were for streaming
> mp3s saved on that computer.  We are looking to stream our live
> broadcast to about 100 users simultaneously hopefully in multiple
> formats (low and high quality mp3 and ogg).  I would imagine this
> would require the computer to encode these streams in real time
> simultaneously and was wondering how much of a computer would be
> required to do this.
> We might be able to get a dual PIII 550Mhz machine with 512 ECC
> SDRam donated, or we are looking at purchasing a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz
> machine with 1Gb of ram.  Would be able to get away with the machine
> that we can get donated, or should we invest in some beefier
> hardware, and if so, would this machine be enough?

You're probably at the edge of what's feasible on a dual 550. I'm
running a dual 550 myself, and it can do medium quality Ogg (~80
kbps), 128kbps MP3, and 32kbps MP3 simultaneously. It could probably
handle another Ogg stream, but the load is in the neighborhood of 1.5
right now.

The Ogg stream is using quality 1 - managed bit rates are currently
much more computationally expensive, and my server probably couldn't
handle it in real time along side the other streams.


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