[Icecast] Ices 0.3 signals

Geoff Shang gshang
Tue Jul 6 16:01:55 PDT 2004


I'e had to set up ices 0.3 overnight to get a job done - our you-bute
automation software let us down.  I've found you can get it to skip to the
next track by sending sigusr1, and the readme reckons sigint closes and
reopens the log.  I wondered if there was anything to either reload the
playlist or refresh the config.  My situation calls for two distinct
playlists, and I was hoping I'd be able to switch from one to the other
without restarting.  Am I wanting too much?  I note that ices 2.0 will
reload the playlist if it finds it has been touched.

Oh and i realise that what I want to do is probably better handled by a
script, but unfortunately I don't know either perl or python and ices 0.3
doesn't support the basic scripting that ices 2.0 does.


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