[Icecast] installation question

Iceuse - Kris iceuse
Mon Jul 5 13:31:00 PDT 2004

if in your icecast.xml, log file is set to /logs/error.log, then perhaps
you had the same error I had some time ago. To prevent this, I added
chown nobody:nogroup /var/log/icecast/{access.log,error.log}
just before starting icecast...

you should try chown with correct user/group and directory.

I think it is corrected in Karl's icecast version, but in fact, I don't
know, as the chown line is still in my script.


mindspin wrote:

> Hi list, I,m trying to get icecast working on debian/woody.
> when I start Icecast I get the following error:
> carpenter:/home/icecast/stream/conf# icecast -c icecast.xml
> Changed root successfully to "/home/icecast/stream".
> Changed groupid to 105.
> Changed userid to 105.
> FATAL: could not open error logging
> FATAL: could not open access logging
> FATAL: Could not start logging
> /home/icecast/stream is the base directory,
> /home/icecast/stream is owned by user/group  icecast
> /home/icecast/stream/logs/error.log and access.log are owned ny
> user/group icecast.
> any hints??
> thanks in advance mindspin
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