[icecast] Admin headaches

Marco Alanen marco at ormgas.com
Fri Jan 30 23:28:05 UTC 2004


I just migrated from a Debian install to a Gentoo install, and I'm 
having some issues getting the admin page to work.
I have setup the acl policy and hosts.allowed the same way as on
the Debian box, but I can't figure out how to use the *.aut files.
When I try to connect to the admin page, I get this:

[31/Jan/2004:00:12:03] [11:Connection Handler] No mountfile found, 
refusing access to WWW admin for phoenix

But I do have a mounts.aut in /etc/icecast.
Is there any way to fix this, or any way to go back to the old way of 
handling admin access (just acl policy and hosts.allow)?

And another weird thing. I can't telnet to localhost:8000 on the icecast 
computer, but telnetting to (its' IP) works just 
fine. Don't know if it's an icecast issue or if I've done some other 
mistake in the system setup.

  Thank you /Marco

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