[icecast] new utility - ezstream

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Fri Jan 30 19:47:28 UTC 2004

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've released a new streaming utility 
called (appropriately enough) ezstream.

ezstream will read in mp3/vorbis files and send them (without reencoding) 
to an icecast2 server.  It can also take in input from stdin.  We used to 
have a utility like this (called shout) but shout had horrible timing 
issues and didn't work well at all.  This version uses the latest 
libshout2, and also (due to it's simple nature) works as a command line 
utility under both unix and windows.

I wrote it to give people a nice easy utility for creating mounts that can 
be used as fallbacks (ezstream can be used to send a loop stream of a 
single mp3 or vorbis file which can be used as a fallback mountpoint)...and 
since it doesn't do reencoding it can be run on the server without much CPU 
time requirements.

hopefully you'll find it to be useful.

and you may be asking yourself.."Doesn't ices do this ?"..well yes, but 
ices doesn't read mp3s and has very little hope in being ported to win32. :)

try it here : http://www.icecast.org/files/ezstream-0.1.0.tar.gz


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