[icecast] common problem

Paul snafu at forkbomb.dhs.org
Fri Jan 30 18:01:41 UTC 2004

asep sunandar wrote:
> hallo ,
> I already install icecast with rpm and it's fine 
> but when I try to run default configuration
> /etc/icecast.xml ,I have find some error ,this is my
> error 
> --
> Changed groupid to 500.
> Changed userid to 500.
> FATAL: could not open error logging
> FATAL: could not open access logging
> FATAL: Could not start logging
> --
> I change user and group with some user ,the default
> configuration is like this in attachment ..

The problem is that the user 'sunandar' cannot read or write to files in 
the directory listed in your config.

Of course, those directories need to exist to be used as well, check and 
make sure, then:

(as root)
chown sunandar.sunandar /usr/var/log/icecast \
        /usr/share/icecast/web \
        /usr/share/icecast/admin \

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