[icecast] Transcoding ogg with curl, oggdec, ices2: problem after fallback due to oggdec

iceuse at kezako.net iceuse at kezako.net
Fri Jan 30 10:11:52 UTC 2004

oggdec is a very simple ogg decoder, and it fails in the following case:
a source A has a fallback A'
transcoder curl | oggdec | ices2 is transcoding to lower bitrates ogg
A fails, all the listeners are transfered to A'

oggdec fails because the stream content changed:
[2004-01-29  18:44:47] OggDec 1.0.1
[2004-01-29  18:44:47] Warning: hole in data

<p><p>[2004-01-29  18:46:17] Warning: hole in data
[2004-01-29  18:46:17] Warning: hole in data
[2004-01-29  18:46:17] Only one logical bitstream currently supported.

(I added timestamp to oggdec to find out the problem)

this cause all the reencoded streams to fail and the transcoder has to restart.

So, the question is:
is there an ogg decoder which may handle this nicely?
is there an ogg decoder with a http url opener (to read the source without curl)?
this decoder must be a command-line tool!

The other solution is to merge curl and oggdec and ask it to reopen url after each failure.

I don't want to use streamTranscoder for this, because curl|oggdec|ices2 2is producing many output streams with different bitrates.
With streamTranscoder, only one output is possible (I don't want 3, 5 or more instances of streamTranscoder to run).

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