[icecast] Some questions on setting up web radio and mirror streaming...

Apostolopoulos Ioannis dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr
Tue Jan 27 02:38:23 UTC 2004

Hello IceCasters!
I am new to the community here, so forgive me for not knowing a lot about
the issue. I am a student in a University in Greece. I would like to ask a
question, I don't know if it has already been answered, but I hope I can
find a way through this...
We are about to set up a radio station in our department, and I would like
to find some ways and techniques in order to make it possible to broadcast
live via web. What do I have to know and how to set up the service? Also, I
would like to ask if we can use mirror servers for the stream. Meaning, if
we can have a number of IceCast2 servers in different departments of the
University, can we just pass the stream into multiple ones? So, if the one
goes offline, or crushes, to automatically (or manually) pass into another
one? And, if in another dept. there is another, a different stream (that is
another radio station that broadcasts also, live) can it use the same
architecture of the network, to mirror its stream to other servers on the
I would appreciate your help and any possible answer. Thank you.
Apostolopoulos Ioannis (John) -  <http://www.aegean.gr/> University of the
 <http://www.syros.aegean.gr/> Dept. of Product & Systems Design Engineering
Email:  <mailto:dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr> dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr

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