[icecast] working before, now access denied

Mat Harris mat.harris at genestate.com
Fri Jan 9 15:24:27 UTC 2004

Hi, I have been using icecast2 with ices+perl to stream, and it is great

I just added lame support to the machine and recompiled ices to use it
so i could re-encode for a low-bandwidth mount, but now ices keeps

[2004-01-09  14:50:51] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source logging in at mountpoint "/"
[2004-01-09  14:50:51] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source (/) attempted to login with invalid or missing password

in the logs for every connection ices makes. Ices also gives and error:

Playing /music/Rage Against the Machine/rage against the machine/05-bullet_in_the_head_192_blade_cbr.mp3
Error during send: Mount failed on, error: Could not login on server. Server message: HTTP/1.0 401 Authentication Required

The error is also repeated as ices retries. As i said before, the ONLY
things that have changed are the binaries (and supporting files) from
when I recompiled ices. I made a backup of the ices.conf and ices.pm 
and restored them after the re-install.

I don't know why but the source is requesting /ices.ogg but icecast
is only seeing the request as "/". it has always said /ices.ogg before.
The passwords are correct (triple checked).

I am out of ideas and need any help you've got.

<p>thanks in advance

mat harrison

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