[icecast] Liveice problem with Icecast 1.3.12

Joe Jones joe_jones64 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:14:01 UTC 2004

OK...since Liveice doesn't support Icecast 2 I've set up an Icecast 1.3.12 

<p>When I run Liveice I still get the problem:

...... done
Initialising pipes for stream 0
Successfuly set up fifo .liveice_temp_files/raw.pipe0
Successfuly set up fifo .liveice_temp_files/mpeg.pipe0
.... done.
hola, encoding...
opening connection to localhost 8001
Created Socket pair
Attempting to Contact Server
connection successful: forking process

alarm timeout signal
Closing Soundcard

56745:Error: unable to open mpeg pipe

where the client hangs.

<p>Looking at the Icecast logs shows:

[26/Feb/2004:07:10:33] Accepted encoder on mountpoint /live from 
1 sources connected
-> [26/Feb/2004:07:10:58] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 1] [Clients: 
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 6 minutes]
-> [26/Feb/2004:07:11:34] Lost connection to source on mount /live, waiting 
30 seconds for timeout
-> [26/Feb/2004:07:12:04] Kicking source 4 [] [Client timeout 
exceeded, removing source] [encoder], connected for 1 minutes and 31 
seconds, 0 bytes transfered. 0 sources connected
-> [26/Feb/2004:07:12:04] Kicking all 0 clients for source 4

<p>What's the problem with Liveice?

<p><p>I need something to play a list of MP3's and stream it to a 
server...anything other than Liveice I can try?


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