[icecast] icecast2 on Fedora Core 1

Ramon Hernandez rihernanbu at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 18:49:14 UTC 2004

I have just successfuly installed Icecast2 on Fedora. I had been trying to 
setup a Darkice>Icecast2 live streamer for our University radio station.  
WHen I was told I had to switch to Fedora. This caused some complications.

I am not asking a question here, simply sharing my experience on how I got 
it to install.

First, yum wouldn't upgrade, I got a CRC error when it was attempting to 
install python2.  So I installed apt and it was able to get past that point, 
now yum works fine.

Darkice installed fine w/ minimal dependencies.

Icecast redhat9 rpm was looking for libcom_err.so.3 which I COULD NOT FIND, 
turns out they didn't include it w/ Fedora, so I installed the Icecast 
src.rpm and now it's sitting in there nicely.

I'm a relative linux newb, been using it for 1 year but I'll be happy to 
share this experience w/ anyone attempting to get this running on Fedora. 
Hope this helps someone.


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