[icecast] Re: Viewing Broadcast using scope in a Webpage

Thomas B. Ruecker, DM8TBR dm8tbr at afthd.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Feb 18 13:15:17 UTC 2004

> So those possible solutions could allow for an audio spectrum analyzer
> to be on a webpage?
> (i.e. like the ones you can see on XMMS or WinAmp?)
no, you missunderstood my explanation.
There is no way to do this from xslt.

For such an feature you would either need to stream the content to the client, decode it there and display the wave-form or decode it on the server and send an outputstream corresponding to the waveform which would then be displayed by some sort of applet (java/flash)

IMHO I don’t see any sense in such a feature.



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