[icecast] [FWD: Unable to login to icecast with liveice???]

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Wed Feb 18 10:06:40 UTC 2004

On 18 Feb 2004 at 1:03, EvilOverlord wrote:

> Scott Manley wrote:
> > Geoff Shang wrote:
> > 
> >> Hi:
> >>
> >> Unless anyone's released an update, liveice does not work with
> >> icecast2.
> >>
> >> If you just want something to read from the soundcard, maybe
> >> darkice is for you.  Or, since you're using XMMS, try oddcast DSP
> >> for XMMS (visit oddsock.org).
> >>
> >> Geoff.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Sorry no update for liveice - If only I had spare time to support it
> > right now but wroking in computer security these days is crazy....
> > 
> AFAIK liveice isn't a supported project anymore.  So I've taken it
> upon myself to make it work and I'm about to release something called
> liveice-sn, which is an updated version to support Icecast2 style
> login as well as Icecast1.  Most of the code has come from MikeS on
> #icecast I've just been making the changes to the config file code. 
> Anyone that wants to test one of the betas mail me.

Maybe you could work together with Scott (the author)? In my eyes 
it's not needed to branch off a new liveice and have development 
divide into several trees. Please check if you can arrange to work on 
it together and simply package a new liveice-release. Would be better 

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