[icecast] Re: Viewing Broadcast using scope in a Webpage

Thomas B. Ruecker, DM8TBR dm8tbr at afthd.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Feb 18 09:22:00 UTC 2004

Hi Murray,

> Is there a method to code on XHTML webpage that will use a "scope" to
> display the music stream that is being played? (like something using
> JavaScript?)...
Depends on what data you want to use for that scope. ATM the only usefull data I can see in the source file (/admin/stats.xml) would be number of listeners. If you know about the bitrate of the stream you could translate this additionally to bandwidth.

To realize this you have several choices:
- do something using the built in xslt possibilities.
- put out the raw listener numbers and process it with an external app (php/gd/perl/python)

Depends on what you want to have as output...
I like my stats as a history graph:

This is accomplished using mrtg + some xlst + some wrapper so mrtg can read the output.
I'll put up a webpage covering this topic, but am quite busy ATM. Don’t expect this before middle/end of next week.
Oh, and - yeah uhh - nowadays I'd probably choose its successor RRDTool...
But should be fairly similar to set up.



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