[icecast] *Real* real time streaming (no delay/latency)?

Matt Trim matt at sv.net.au
Thu Feb 5 10:09:35 UTC 2004

Hi Joern,

Have a look at www.live.com

Ross Finlayson has source code available to "livecaster" which allows you to
stream audio using the RTP protocol over a UDP pipe.  Very efficient as
there is no TCPIP overhead.


If you use lc which is part of livecaster, you can send the audio in from
your MP2/MP3 encoder via stdin

At the other end you should be able to decode the audio directly using a
compatible Linux player



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<p>> one problem apart from icecast is that tcp/ip over ethernet does not
> guarantee *when* your packets will arrive, or even in what order.
> while the chances are good that it works rather quickly, you can't
> sue anyone if it doesn't ;)
> but once the network becomes congested, you are in trouble. if the
> network between your two locations is one cable, not shared, no
> hubs, it might work. but if it's part of a larger net with lots of
> background traffic, i wouldn't rely on it.
> transmitting audio with low latency over networks has been a
> frequent topic on the linux-audio-dev list, because it would be ever
> so cool if it worked (think clusters of machines for huge
> synthesizers or effects racks).
> there have been some suggestions on how to do it, you may want to
> search the archive at http://linuxaudiodev.org/archive.php3, but so
> far the results have been mixed :(

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