[icecast] Transcoding ogg with curl, oggdec, ices2: problem after fallback due to oggdec

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Feb 5 00:39:30 UTC 2004

On Thursday 05 February 2004 05:09, Ralph Giles wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 07:20:40PM +0100, root wrote:
> > I have more info about that problem...
> > curl | oggdec | ices will never work to my opinion with fallback setup on
> > source because when transfering listeners to fallback, no ogg headers are
> > sent, so whatever we do, oggdec will not be happy with the data
> > received...
> I took a look at this. It is true that oggdec does not support chained ogg
> vorbis steams, so it's basically not going to work with streamed situations
> in general. Now, if you comment out the check for the chain boundary on
> line 246, it will work in this applications AS LONG AS THE AUDIO PARAMETERS
> DON'T CHANGE. The issue is not that "no ogg headers are sent" it's that if
> the new set of vorbis headers for the fallback stream specify a change in
> audio parameters (since oggdec does samplerate conversion, this just means
> number of channels) there's no way to pass that information on with the pcm
> stream to ices.

It wouldn't be particularly difficult to make oggdec work for chained streams 
in the simple cases (i.e. where the main audio parameters don't change). I 
could do that if people are actually going to find it useful...


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