[icecast] Icecast2 Win32: any way to minimize on start or run asa service?

Dave St John groups at mediacast1.com
Wed Feb 4 22:13:13 UTC 2004

nullsfot installer can install console apps for windows services
and i belive the latest icecast2 win32 comes with a icecast2 console.

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<p>  I believe there is some way of forcing a Win32 app to run as a service as long as it doesn't require any input, but I can't find the details at the moment.  I can see it being a very useful option for the Icecast2 Win32 program.  It could be then used on a Windows server which are often not logged in for security reasons.  Maybe something for you to investigate sometime oddsock.  A service often generates a system tray icon at startup and only displays the main form when the icon is double-clicked.

  Ross Levis.
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    Subject: [icecast] Icecast2 Win32: any way to minimize on start or run as a service?

<p>    Is there any way to run Icecast2 Win32 at Windows startup and at least one of the following: minimized, in the system tray, or as an NT/2000 service? I looked through the docs but couldn't find anything.



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