[Icecast] icecast2.2 and aac?

qiang Bao jakobao at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 13:48:12 UTC 2004

below is what i have talked about with Dennis Heerema.

but we didn't get the way.
anyone can help me£¿
Thank you for explaining this patiently.
BUt i think you still don't understand what i said.
I just want to know why the icecast stream aac at a constent 128kbit/s  ?
i know i can use Orban opticodec or other sourec clients.
now my source client is oddcast.
it can stream aac at all bitrates(32-448 kbps) and frequency(32Khz 44.1Khz 48Khz).
now icecast receives aac data that is 200kbps(or any other bitrates)  from source client but only streams it at 128Kbps. 
i don't know why.
there is a picture in attachment to describe this status.
i have listened to the station on icecast site(http://dir.xiph.org/index.php?sgenre=&stype=&search=aac) and  they are all streaming at 128kbps!!!!!!
i mean that icecast stream aac at constant bitrate which is 128.    128kbps  32KHz

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