[Icecast] Ices and ALSA / OSS

Alex Jones al.owns at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 30 00:31:09 UTC 2004

Hello Karl

In reference to:

I am also receiving this error with an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 device
running with the ice1712 ALSA module. I've not quite figured out how to
test it with a hw pcm because it isn't accepting any of my formats. I've
no idea how ALSA's plug opens it but I've tried all the obvious ones,
(2x96000xS24_LE, 2x44100xS16_LE included) but I'm at a loss. However,
this period thing is preventing me from being able to use my card with

If it's any help and in case you don't already know, the card is 24 bit
and 96000 Hz by default.

I look forward to your reply, and many thanks in advance.

Alex Jones
al.owns at ntlworld.com

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