[Icecast] Icecast not streaming from playlist. (Newbie)

Scott Baker srbi24 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 17:44:10 UTC 2004

Hi all,
I'm new to the streaming audio thing, but have been a linux user for 7 or 8 
years.  Here's some background:

I work in a really EMI-nasty environment that prevents receiving radio 
broadcasts. In order to listen to sporting events, local news, etc. I 
planned to set up icecast to stream live audio snatched from a radio at 
home, and listen to it at work.

I installed icecast, libshout, etc. on my linux box at home without any 
problem. I also installed ices-0.4 and ices 2 so I could do ogg and mp3 data 
types. I have lame, xmms, , libogg and liborvis (or whatever the libraries 
are called). I'm connected via a 256kb DSL line at home and several T1s at 

To test my setup, I created playlists. One uses mp3s and one uses ogg files. 
both ices versions point to their respective playlists and start up OK.

The problem occurs in both MP3 and ogg "streams".   My browser sees the 
mountpoints and connects to them, but the all systems I've tried to connect 
from (A windows box and 2 Sun stations) insist on downloading the entire 
contents of the playlist before playing anything. For example, my mp3 
playlist has ~100 songs in it. When I connect to the mountpoint, the system 
wants to download all 100 songs before it will begin playing. The way it's 
set up now, I might as well just place my music files on the Apache server 
and play them one at a time. It is not streaming the audio. Thus, I have not 
yet tried ices-live.

I've been through all the READMEs, docs, and read several mailing lists. Am 
I missing something stupid here?


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