[Icecast] Help needed with port 80 on Fedora

Bob Reite bobr2 at telcen.com
Wed Dec 29 06:04:39 UTC 2004

I'm running Icecast 2.2.0 on RedHat Fedora core 2.  It's working fine if
I use the default port of 8000.   I need to use port 80 because of 
client firewall issues.   However when I try to reconfigure icecast.xml
to port 80, I get "cannot create listener socket on port 80".

I'm guessing it's some permissions issue in Fedora, but I'll be darned 
if I can find it!  Any suggestions?  I tried looking in both the Icecast 
and RedHat documentation, but no luck.

Bob Reite
Telecentral Electronics, Inc.

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