[Icecast] ices-0.4 Reencode problems

Brian W. Antoine briana at windwireless.net
Wed Dec 22 18:01:26 UTC 2004

   Since the mailing list archives are a bit difficult to go through at the
moment, I'll go ahead and simply ask.  If I fire up ices-0.4 with reencode
enabled, at pretty much the end of every song I get an error:

bitstream problem: resyncing...

   Occasionally it will also throw in a:

mpg123: Can't rewind stream by NNN bits!

   And eventually after a dozen songs or so I'll get a rash of:

Error during send: Libshout reported send error, disconnecting: Socket error

   and it will close the connection and try to re-open it, only to get the
same error again.  I'm running lame-3.96.1, libshout-2.0 and icecast-2.2.0,
though it did it with icecast-2.1.0 also.  It will run without a hitch if
I don't turn reencoding on.

   Anybody else seeing this kind of thing?

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