[Icecast] Metadata and bad player behaviour : cut sound for short time when receiving metadata (kh versions of ices/icecast)

Iceuse - Kris iceuse at wwlang.net
Sun Dec 12 21:57:25 UTC 2004


I was trying to add metadata to my OGG stream (ices 2,0-kh59, icecast 
It works... but the players are doing a small sound cut at metadata 
reception :
- VLC (maybe 1/3sec cut)
- JORBIS (java. maybe 1/10sec, because I can have set higher priority to 
sound processing and not to comment handling)
(player plateform: Mac OS X 1.3.6)

With VLC... I can say comments are unusable, it's too bad... Maybe if 
the comment change occurs between songs it not so noticeable, but that's 
not very good...
I didn't tried other players.

Did you experienced such problems? I didn't tried icecast 2.1-kh4 yet 
because the version I have is working fine.
Before changing to latest icecast, I would like to know if there is a 
similar trouble with it (I don't say it's an icecast issue, but maybe 
with newer ogg headers are handled correctly by players. Anyway, VLC is 
buggy regarding comments).

BTW, metadata are nicely streamed. I can feed ices with any metadata 
(anything=everything), the player receives it, even for streams 
transcoded by ices from the main stream.

Thanks for you comments,

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