[Icecast] ices0 - restarting the playlist

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Sat Dec 11 00:38:10 UTC 2004

On Thursday, 09 December 2004 at 14:10, Dan Stowell wrote:
> We've got a 12-hour playlist running in ices0, which we'd like to
> start exactly on the hour. If I'm using ices0 in the very basic
> playlist mode, is there any way to trigger it to jump back to the
> start of the playlist?

There's no way to jump to the start, I'm afraid.

> Could/should I use a HUP perhaps? Not sure if that would cause a
> stream interruption for listeners.

It wouldn't do anything at all.

> Or would I need to use the python or perl playlist mode?

This is the way to go. A module that does only this should be very
easy to write.

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