[Icecast] ices 0.4, pure quality and more...

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Sat Dec 11 00:36:05 UTC 2004

On Friday, 10 December 2004 at 18:50, Administrator wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Few weeks ago I tuned icecast with 7 streams from ices. It plays
> static playlists, sorted by genre.
> I have 2 problems. First problem: pure quality when reencoding is
> turned on. Temporary solution was found. I added one string, to
> reencoding code, that points to liblame use better quality. But is
> this the one and right solution?

probably. What change did you make?

> Second problem: Ices (or liblame?) does not properly closes played
> mp3's... Few days and the limit of kern.maxfiles is exhausted.
> How to fix this problem?

I can't reproduce this. In fact, I run ices continuously and lsof
confirms the only MP3 file with a file descriptor is that of the
currently playing track.

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